We partner with proven entrepreneurs and managers to build disruptive and market defining, India-centric businesses that hold the promise of creating entirely new markets as well as generating exceptional returns. In the early days of an investment, we spend considerable time on sharpening the strategy and getting key operational drivers in place.

We believe that vision without execution is often meaningless. Our business leadership and investment experience provides us with tools and insights to help our portfolio companies focus sharply on high performance execution to back their ambitious vision.

Types of Companies

Primarily, unlisted Indian companies which are at an early-stage growth, ‘turbo-charged’ start-ups or pre-IPO growth companies


Digital and Technology

Covering both Internet and Mobile areas such as Media, Commerce and Consumer Services.

Business Services

Particularly SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) driven IT/BPO opportunities to build new disrupters or restructure and redirect existing companies towards new opportunities.